New Patients

What is required for your first appointment

What is required for your first appointment:

  • Your Medical Card
  • We need proof of the benefits you are receiving – bring paper evidence
  • A list of medications, if necessary bring them with you
  • Patients will be asked to complete a basic medical history and sign a registration form
  • After the initial examination, the dentist will explain any further treatment that is
    required and give a full estimate of the costs

New NHS Patients

New patient examinationFrom £12.52
Review examinationFrom £8.34
X-rayFrom £4.07
Amalgam/Silver FillingFrom £8.90-£22.90
Tooth coloured filling (front teeth) From £16.89-35.95
CrownsFrom £115.29-140.58

6 + 3 =

Contact Information

Tel: 028 3089 8104



6 Monaghan St, Newry BT35 6BH

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