Cosmetic Crowns

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Cosmetic Crowns

Are you tired looking at the old dark crowns when you smiling (shining metal, mismatching colour)?

The metal-free ceramic crowns can give you that shiny, glossy, luminous, sparkling, glistening look of a natural tooth. The primary reason to use an all-ceramic crown (metal free) is aesthetics. The crown can be matched to your other teeth in colour and appearance. This makes it difficult to notice that a damaged tooth is being hidden and protected.

The fact that a person has a crown over a tooth is even kept out of sight if the gum line begins to recede. When porcelain fused to metal is used for a crown, a receding gum line can show some of the dark metal, but an all-ceramic crown will not display such a line. Ceramic is also great for producing a perfect fit. Modern technology allows us to match the crown to your other teeth and to create a perfect fitting for the damaged tooth and achieve the ultimate aesthetics. Your dentist will consider many factors when choosing which type of filling material is best for you. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss it with your dentist, we here to help.

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