White Fillings

Brighten up your smile

White Fillings

Did the dark tooth colour of your fillings lead you to embarrassing moments when you smiled on several occasions, or have you experienced a metal taste in your mouth after amalgam/ silver filling?

Today, with modern advances in dentistry and unique dental materials we can help you to restore damaged teeth in a more pleasant and aesthetic manner, creating a more natural look to your teeth and for your smile. Why not ask your dentist at your next appointment about replacing metal silver filling or having white fillings on your to improve the aesthetics, stability, insulation, the versatility of the tooth and be free from metal to avoid discomfort and those embarrassing moments when you are having a good time.

Unlike silver coloured fillings, composite fillings look just like your natural teeth since the colour can be carefully blended for a seamless finish. This makes them an ideal choice for front teeth which would look very unattractive with a silver filling. Your dentist will consider many factors when choosing which type of filling material is best for you. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss it with your dentist, we are here to help.

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